Our favorite podcasts

Podcasts are a huge part of our day over at Shy Bairns HQ. I mean, we are partial to a bit of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack too but if you ever see us out and about with a far away look on our face, we’re probably deep into one of our favorite podcasts.  Here are some that are currently rocking our boats.



The Parapod

“The ParaPod is a podcast of all things supernatural and mysterious, hosted by Ian Boldsworth (voice of reason) and Barry Dodds (gullible believer). Find Series One – Ghosts, Series Two – Mysteries and Series Three – Conspiracies on iTunes now.”

I absolutely love this podcast, I’ve been listening since series one and found myself utterly addicted. The banter between sceptic Ian and true believer Barry is utterly hilarious. Even if you’ve no interest in the paranormal, this podcast is well worth a listen. Oh, and I’m 100% #teamdodds.


Sword and Scale

“Sword and Scale covers the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions.”

Sword and Scale is not to be listened to lightly.  It’s an extremely visceral and indepth account of some of the most heinous true crime cases imaginable.  Using real audio recordings of 911 calls, news clips and in some cases victim accounts this is one for the hardcore crime fans.  A bit of local interest here, there’s an episode devoted to the North East’s very own serial killer, Mary Ann Cotton. A very interesting listen.



Last Podcast on the Left

“The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers.”

From conspiracy theories, to serial killers, to aliens, to ghosts this podcast has all our weird interests covered! All with a fair bit of hilarity thrown in for good measure! A few of my favourite episodes and good ones to ease you in if you’re a newbe are the “ghost cats of the south”, “David Bowie and the Occult” and any of the “Creepy Pasta” episodes. The Guys really do an amazing research job, be prepared to discover things you had no idea about! For example did you know David Bowie ate nothing but peppers and milk for years? Me neither!


Real Ghost Stories Online

“Real Ghost Stories from Real People brought to you by husband and wife team Tony and Jenny Breuski”

What more can we say about this one. If you’ve came into Pet Lamb at the begining of the week, 9 times out of 10 we’ll be listening to Real Ghost Stories Online. These are real life ghostly accounts from listeners worldwide, ranging from utterly ludecrous to madly creepy.  We’re massive fans of this one and we’re even EPP’s. Oh yeah!



Get It On

“A new weekly podcast from writer, presenter and founder of BOB by DOP, Dawn O’Porter. Each week Dawn will talk to someone interesting about why they wear what they wear. What does the way you dress say about you?”


The Minimalists

“Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less. The Minimalists Podcast is often the #1 Health podcast on iTunes, and it occasionally charts in the Top 10 of all shows.”

Are you a massive podcast fan? We’d love to know your favorites so we can add em to our list.

The Grind – Newcastle

There’s no cure for a mean hangover like a big, greasy burger.  This Sunday, I found myself suffering with a pretty bad ass hangover, far too much wine the previous night resulted in me wanting to flush myself down the toilet and go live at the bottom of the ocean.  Since this is simply not possible I opted for the next best thing, a bloody great burger.


Normally, when craving a burger, I find myself knocking on the door of Fat Hippo (mine’s a Great White Buffalo with sweet potato fries please) but since I was there a mere two days earlier (more on that soon) we decided to brave the pub and hit up The Grind.


The Grind currently serves up banging burgers and unreal sides from No28, just upstairs from my home away from home, The Grainger Market.  I refused to make eye contact with the many people partaking in their bottomless prosecco deal and went for a full fat Coke, the other main cure for a hangover.


Feeling extra greedy we ordered a couple of sides to come with our burgers.  The dirty fries are topped with hot sauce, blue cheese sauce and a smattering of crumbled blue cheese for good measure.  Oh my lord, I might as well have died and went to heaven because they were the absolute best.  I’m not the biggest fan of the onion strings as I think they’re a major pain in the arse to eat but Kris is a huge fan, fisting handfuls into his mouth with glee.


More often than not poor Kris has to make do with a boring bean burger or even worse, the dreaded Portobello mushroom in place of a patty, oh hell no! Not The Grind, they do a, wait for it, southern fried paneer burger.  I mean, come on! It’s almost enough to tempt me away from the cows, almost!  I went for the original cheese burger and settled for a wee bite of his cheese mountain.


Normally, for the case of a review I’d order a dessert, I do it for you guys!  Sadly, I just couldn’t face anything sweet and simply had to get home so I could lie on the couch and whine about how bad I feel.  I’ve failed you all, I’m sorry.

The burgers from The Grind are freaking awesome.  It hasn’t overtaken my love for Fat Hippo but they’re a bloody close second.  This may change when they open their new shop in The Grainger Market, a few doors away from Pet Lamb, and I over indulge and turn into a massive burger.  I can’t wait!


The Grind @ No28, 27-29 Nelson Street, Newcastle, NE1 5AN


Meet and Treat, Newcastle

We’ve seen this lovely little local treasure popping up on blogs all over the place recently, and you can see why. This little eatery, tucked away by the City Walls is an instagrammers dream. Kick ass food and delicious looking Asian cuisine? We simply had to give it a try.

Meet and Treat Newcastle-2Meet and Treat Newcastle-3

Now I have to admit, I’ve been here before. A few years ago Meet and Treat was a bit of a trendy brunch location serving up eggs, pancakes and avocado everything.  I loved it, it was the first and only time I’ve eaten eggs benedict on a croissant. Immense!  Since then the cute cafe has gone back to its Asian roots, inspired by the quirky tea rooms of Penang.

Meet and Treat Newcastle-1Meet and Treat Newcastle-5

I’m a huge fan of dumplings, gyoza, dim sum, whatever you wanna call them I wanna eat them. Normally when I’m craving a little deep-fried dumpling I head straight to Nudo, not any more.  These little veggie bites are served with a spicy mayo which is just to die for. If they’d have kept bringing these, I would have kept eating them. Augustus Gloop style.

Meet and Treat Newcastle-4Meet and Treat Newcastle-6

Since I couldn’t just gorge myself on dumplings we thought we’d better order some mains.  Kris, the resident vegetarian, went for the fried tofu and mixed vegetable noodle soup while I opted for the Japanese chicken curry with rice.

Meet and Treat Newcastle-11Meet and Treat Newcastle-10Meet and Treat Newcastle-9

Both dishes were absolutely huge and tasted fricking amazing!!  I forced Kris to do a swap half way through so he could try some of the curry sauce and rice, I just wanted to get right amongst those soupy noodles.

If you havent been to Meet and Treat yet, I urge you to get yourself there ASAP! You won’t be dissapointed!  All of this food came to less that £20, I mean I think I’ve spent more than that in Burger King! You’ve got no excuse.

Meet and Treat Newcastle-7Meet and Treat Newcastle-8

Meet and Treat, 41 Bath Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 5SP

Doggy Days Out – Bolam Lake

Another Sunday means another doggy day for us and this weekend we decided to venture up to Bowlam Lake, its just on our doorstep really but we’d never ventured up there. Well until now!


There are three free car parks around the lake so its really easy to get to. The walk itself goes around the lake and is wheelchair and pushchair friendly if you need.


The lake is beautiful and the walk around it only took us about 40 mins so it was a prefect sunday morning stroll.


There are picnic benches scattered throughout the walk if you want to stop off for a refuel and plenty of fields for the little doggy to blow off some steam!


We were going to stop off at the cafe on the side of the lake but unfortunately it didn’t take cards so we hopped back in the car and stopped the first place we passed! Oh buy did we make the right decision. We stopped at the Blacksmiths Coffee Shop which was about 5 mins down the road and full to the brim of homemade delights!


It looked like everyone had the same idea as us as it was super full in there so we got our scones to go and ate them in the car! Classy!


Let us know if you have any tips for good walks with the pooch!

Raspberry and Lemon Pancakes

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper, so the old saying goes.  Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and the one I enjoy cooking the most. There really is nothing like a long, lazy morning listening to records, reading the papers and whipping up a fresh batch of pancakes.


These pancakes contain a bit of a weird ingredient, cottage cheese.  I was a bit dubious about the addition, normally I’m not a fan, but man alive does this make a kick ass pancake.  And I’m pretty sure cottage cheese and raspberry makes it healthy, right?


Raspberry and Lemon Pancakes


  • 180g plain flour
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 2 large eggs
  • 50ml whole milk
  • 3tbsp honey
  • 250g cottage cheese
  • 100g raspberries
  • 1tbsp lemon zest


  • Place the flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl and create a well in the middle. In a jug whisk together the eggs, milk, honey and cottage cheese.  Add the wet ingredients to the dry and whisk to fully combine.  Stir through the raspberries and lemon zest.
  • In a large frying pan, over a medium low heat add 2tbsp oil and heat.  Once the pan is hot spoon in 3-4tbsp of the batter to make a small round pancake.  Add another two to the pan and cook for 3 minutes per side.  Keep going till you’ve used all of your batter.
  • Serve warm with your choice of topping.  I went with Golden Syrup and natural yogurt but go with your heart and enjoy them any way you like.

Cocktails at The Alchemist Newcastle



Newcastle’s hottest new cocktail bar The Alchemist has just opened its doors in Eldon Square, we were lucky enough to be invited along to sample the cocktail menu. Never one to turn down a drink we trotted along after work and made ourselves comfy at the bar..all in the name of research of course!


First up Katie went for a Light Bulb Moment, a glorious mix of gin, pimms, ginger beer, raspberry, lemon and mint. Imagine our joy when this rocked up…alchemist-6alchemist-7

I went for a candy crush, to satisfy my serious sweet tooth. This didn’t disappoint, vodka, rhubarb, rosehip and lemon.This one was super sweet, just what the doctor ordered after a long day at work.


We didn’t get to try the food menu but if the canapés were anything to go by we’re sure it won’t disappoint.


We continued our night working our way through the menu and being wowed by the drama of all the drinks. One even called for the barmaid to don a pair of safety goggles! Yes Safety goggles!alchemist-11alchemist-12alchemist-13alchemist-14alchemist-15

A few of our favourites were the Dead Red Zombie (seriously fruity!) and The Colour Changing One, which was a little science experiment in its self.


The menu also has a number of sharing cocktails, we decided to give the Mad Hatters a try, this one was served warm in tea cups, right up our street! Fresh and fruity, the perfect end to our night.


We’d highly recommend a trip along to The Alchemist. There’s a cocktail for everyone and they’re just as much fun to watch being made as they are to drink. Make sure you get a seat at the bar for the best view!

Cheap Thrills – Spring Sales Edit

So it seems that these days you’re never far away from a good sale! The new spring sales have just launched and we can’t believe some of the bargains to be had!9047719510046

Converse Chuck II Ox Parchment White £54.99 £35 – These will go with just about everything in our wardrobe, we love the off white shade…hopefully they’ll stay cleaner a smidge longer than the bright white versions!


Miss Selfridge Cream Cold Shoulder Jumper £35 £12  – Cold shoulders are here to stay! It might be spring but its still a bit nippy round these parts, we’ll be reaching for this cream jumper until the temperature warms up a bit!oasis_06010200_1

Oasis Animal Pleat Midi Dress £60 £35 – I’m having a bit of a midi dress moment right now, they’re the perfect transitional piece for spring. The leopard print number is going to be a great addition to my april wardrobe!TS10E07LGRY_Zoom_F_1

Topshop Lace Midi Dress £49 £15 – Yet another midi dress, this one would look great with some little black ankle boots and a glass of wine… 😉warehouse_02670168_1

Warehouse Zip Back Denim Midi Dress £55 £18 – Our denim dress obsession is quite real, couple that with our midi dress obsession and you get this lovely little warehouse number…and its less than half price…score!